Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Comment on "Taking the Risk

So I am learning to link to link to another persons blog and make comment. I chose Ruth Duke - Norris  Taking that risk
I found the blog inspiring, and a reminder to  myself that we are always learning. You sound very confident Ruth, you remind me to enjoy the challenge and to be a little more patient with myself. It takes time to learn and experiment and I am always in a hurry which spoils the challenge and the fun of learning.
New resolution for a new term, slow down and bit, learn more, add more depth and enjoyment to the job.


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  2. Thanks Cushla, I appreciate the comments. When it comes to blogging I'm not sure I'm that confident but just like to write what I feel. This year moving down to year 3/4 has given me a lot to think and learn about. Good luck with the blog challenges. Hope to read more.
    (On other account hence number difference)

  3. I enjoy Ruth's blog too. Every day as teachers we take risks. Some of our risks pay off, others.... well, let's called them learning experiences.