Wednesday, 7 October 2015

  1. Blog about an educator or mentor that has inspired you and maybe helped shape who you are now. What impact did they have on your life?

Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane

I first met Angus when I was Principal at a little rural school, called Galatea, near the Urewera Mountains. Angus, niece Nancy was Deputy Principal and that is how we made the connection,
Angus took professional learning for the team; his message stuck and we had a different mindset about behaviour.

Later on as Principal of Taupo Primary School I asked Angus to work with us again. We spent the day at the Marae learning how to improve our manner and attitude when working with our students . Ka Hiwa Ra, the book Angus wrote had a profound effect on me, and to this day I still have in my head when thinking about managing students. 1. Get them in. 2. Get them on with it. 3. Get on with them
4. Get them out.
His stories are punctuated with great care, humour and most of all a love of our tamariki

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